Monday, January 24, 2011

Out With the Old....In With the Older

We have been away from the blog for many months now but it is time to get back on the ball. As for some quick updates...we have sold the Wenonah Minnesota III to some great competitors and we look forward to seeing her again and we have purchased a very used Spencer C3 from Pappy and Yancy in Kansas City. Certaintly they are not the original owners of this boat and it is intriguing to wonder what races this thing has been paddled in. She has seen better days and very soon she will experience a re-birth as the "Kathy Lou II".

As soon as the weather breaks we intend to get out on the water and begin to reach a comfort level with this higher performance boat. We seem to be a little gun shy putting her in the water when the air temperatures are near freezing as we do intend to dump this thing a few times.

We will be teaming up with the Susan Cohan Kasdas Colon Cancer Foundation again this year and hope to have as great of a fundraiser as last year. In addition to raising funds for "Susie's Cause", I (Jeff) will be putting my money where my mouth is and getting a screening colonscopy in the next month or so. Stay tuned for a short update on how that goes.

Here are a few pics of the new on the way back from KC and the other of the progress on stripping out 15 years of various outfitting. jm

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