Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Less Than A Week to Go!

In one week from this moment, the 3 Dudes will have already traversed a majority of the fine state of Missouri. We'll be tired, sore and blistered (well maybe not Jeff because he's smart and wears gloves) but nonetheless we'll be steadfast in completing the MR340 in fine form.

Recently we finished modifications to the boat that added a Texas Water Safari style hydration system that allows ice cold water to be readily available to us at all times while allowing for easy replenishment at each checkpoint. This will minimize clutter in the boat and minimize our times checking in.

We also added all of our decals from our sponsor ZRE, our boat numbers and our boat name, the Kathy Lou. Check our Facebook account for photos!

The 3 Dudes are ready to go in just 6 days time and we're always thankful for everyone's support!