Friday, July 16, 2010

South County Times Article

The 3 Dudes have taken their story to the local community through the South County Times. Thanks to Beth Cross, Director of Community Relations for Lindbergh Schools, the article was submitted and published. To read the article go here. jm

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  1. Hey, guys! I came accross ur story on the lhs website when I was signing my son up for preschool. I went to h.s. with Kevin and always considered him to be a great guy and a good friend. I only had the pleasure of meeting ur mother once, however, she made a lasting impression. In the short time we spent together I think I spent 90% of the time laughing and the other 10% catching my breath and chatting. Anyway, what an amazing way to celebrate her life, while saving others. I'm cheering 4 u all and I'll check ur blog on the 31st. Have fun! Annette.