Monday, February 22, 2010

River Des Peres

On Sunday, 3 Dudes In A Canoe, thought it would be a good idea to take advantage of the elevated state of the River Des Peres and get in a good sprint workout. We put in near Broadway, just upstream from the waste water treatment plant. The mud at the put-in was thick,gray, smelled and the amount of trash floating downstream was very discouraging from an environmental standpoint. We started upstream and immediatly noticed how fast the current was moving. We bared down and made it just shy of the Interstate 55 overpass before calling it quits and pulling a 180. We were able to quickly spin the boat in the torrent from the Gravois Creek confluence. The only positive thing about the outing was that we got to fine tune the rear camera mount so that it captures our entire bodies, the boat, and our paddling cadence. Check it out. jm


  1. The camera angles are awesome. What a nasty place to take your canoe through. What are you using for your camera?

  2. Pretty sweet. You guys may want to look in to back rests for your seats, I don't know what I would've done without them on my trip. Good work on the training!

  3. This is from our aunt Kathy in an email posted for all to see:

    That was awesome! You know, some people live their lives in, as they say, high cotton.
    Three generations of Moore men have now lived their lives in deep s**t! From the original
    patriarch, C.D., at the Springfield waste water treatment plant, followed by his sons as
    they journeyed through the sewers of St. Louis to the current generation of young men,
    plying their oars through the River des Peres! Only in America!!

    You looked good boys, strapping, handsome lads and most importantly, paddling in

    Love to all my family who sees this.

  4. Hey Jeff - good seeing you again. Looking forward to tackling the MR340 this year. A great outdoor group you should probably check out is

    They do anything and everything (hiking/biking/floating/camping/climbing/spelunking/etc...although not much on River Des Peres :) ). You're free to do as little or as much as you want. They'll also have a few training runs for the MR340, since there are about 10 or so entries from group members.

    I'll see when you're headed out for training runs. Still need to find a yak for my teammate and I.


  5. Hey guys! I just thought I'd let you know, last minute I know, that Linda and I will be paddling Glasgow to Providence this Friday. Want to go?? Sorry but our paddle lives are ruled by the weather right now so we had to make quick plans.