Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Our First & Second Training Day

Alright, these post are coming quickly due to the slight backlog, but here is an update of what has been happening on the water to date. On December 26, Kevin, David and I set out from Russel E. Emmenegger Nature Park (known from now on only as Emmenegger) and headed up river (Meramec) switching between the Wenonah Argosy and the Old Town Discovery 158. It was pretty obvious that I was in the most need of technique help, but we battled the freezing temperatures and overall paddled about 4 miles. The following weekend, Kevin and I set off from Emmeneger at 10:00 am where the temperature was a balmy 7 degrees. We again went upstream to the creek that flows from Simpson County Park and back, paddling about 5 miles. jm

Aerial Map

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  1. Maps! We need Maps! You are the King of maps, I'm surprised you don't already have them up here.