Thursday, January 24, 2013

2013 Race Schedule

For the past few years we have put together a rudimentary race schedule for the big events around the region as well as a few races that are on our lifetime race list...Yukon River Quest for instance. We figured this year we would post it for all to see and to help spread awareness for the great events that are happening close to home. If there are errors, just let us know...if there are races you want on the schedule, again just let us know. Only the basic planning information is on the list, for more details use the links provided. Click the link below. jm

2013 Race Schedule

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Colon Cancer Spreads

Last week our uncle, David Bowdon, and brother of our late mother Kathy Moore, was diagnosed with liver cancer. This very sad and sudden news brought us all immediately back to the moment when our mother’s diagnosis became known. The liver cancer, it turns out, first started in the sigmoid section of the colon as colon cancer, the same devastating disease that claimed our mother. In David’s case, however, there will be no surgery, no chemo or radiation…we are all past that point, and the doctors have given him months to live.
We will continue to stand by our Texas family as they journey through this process that we know all too well. Please pray for their peace and for their memories to remain as vivid as the moment they occured. jm

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Last Training Run of 2011 Gone Awry

photo courtesy of Cindy Hiles, July 2011 Kansas River

On December 26, 2011, the 3 Dudes prepared for a causal training run on the Meramec River. This was to be an everyday run up and back from Greentree Park to the 141 Hwy bridge. The main intent of this excursion was to try out the new Epic Mid-Wings that were sent from Santa Claus's house deep in the north pole territory.

We made it to the bridge and decided to proceed upriver through the swift section and take a break at Fish Pot Creek. The swift water pulled our boat to the left and as it did our bodies continued right over the side and into the deep water...the first time in 2.5 years the 3 Dudes put ourselves in the water UN-intentionally. With the ambient air temperature near 40 degrees, the shock of the cold water snapped our breath from our lungs and we stared at each other in disbelief as we floated lazily downriver. A few seconds went by and we realized we were headed for a large clump of wooden debris hung up around the bridge piling. We couldn't turn the boat parallel with the river in time and she slammed against a stump. Immediately we heard cracking sounds and saw the boat attempt to fold. Dave went out furthest, I stayed in the center and Kevin grabbed the stern and through a series of "1, 2, 3 push" we were able to free her from the grips of the river. The boat floated gently to shore where we flipped her over to assess the damage before attending to our cold, wet and shivering state.

No one really said anything once we saw what she had become.

We then began stripping our clothes off and gathering wood for a quick fire. Within 15 minutes of being out of the water our new clothes warmed our brain to a point where we could formulate a plan to get back to the truck. The boat seemed to be floating alright so we doused the fire and boarded our battle scarred ship. A small leaked became apparent as we paddled downriver looking for our one lost paddle. Within a few minutes we saw the lone ZRE slowly spinning in some slack water, plucked it from the river, and headed for the truck. We made it home intact...the boat not so much.

Things that went wrong:
1. We shouldn't have decided to go through the swift section with the wing blades. They were too new for us to get creative with our boat position. However, it was a group decision and right or wrong we stood by our choice after the event.
2. Crappy dry bag that resulted in a damaged iPhone.
3. Sunglasses (SMITH!) not strapped correctly became a donation to the river.

Things that went right:
1. We were all wearing proper PFD's.
2. We were wearing synthetic clothes that helped create warmth even when wet.
3. We had fire starting equipment in a very waterproof container.
4. We reviewed a cold weather boating video posted by the US Coast Guard prior to this trip.
5. We got our boat back...even though she was damaged.

Bottom line....the boat could always be replaced or repaired but it was the preparation of our knowledge, clothing, and fire starting skills that prevented any serious harm to ourselves.

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

2011 Donation Letter

Dear friends and family:

The “3 Dudes” return…On July 22, 2011 at 5:00 pm, Jeff, Kevin and David Moore will begin a 100 mile paddling race down the Kansas River that will start in Manhattan, Kansas and end in Lawrence, Kansas. Because of the indefinite postponement of the 2011 MR340, due to treacherous high water on the Missouri River, we have chosen to utilize the Kansas River race, “The Kawnivore 100”, as our flagship race of the year. We will again have the dedicated support of our dad, David and his brother, Steve on the ground supplying food and water at the checkpoints. Our steed for the 2010 MR340 has been replaced by a sleeker, lighter, and faster boat that will be named, “The Kathy Lou II”. Our training picked up in the early winter months of 2011 and has continued along the flood filled waters around St. Louis. This year we chose to enter the Gas 60, a 60 mile race on the Gasconade, where we placed 10th overall and the Meramec River Marathon, a 22 mile race on the Meramec River as training runs for the big race.
We have decided to participate in this race as a tribute to our late mother, Kathy Moore, and her battle with colon cancer. Kathy was first diagnosed with colon cancer in 2005. Following surgery and a long chemotherapy program, mom was thought to be free of cancer. However, one year later, she was again diagnosed with colon cancer and quickly began a new round of treatment that proved to be ineffective against the aggressive disease. Mom died June 30, 2007 and is survived by her loving father, Ben Bowdon, her husband of 32 years, three sons, one daughter-in-law, two beautiful granddaughters and one super cute grandson (definitely a Moore!).
The 3 Dudes have teamed up with the Susan Cohan Kasdas Colon Cancer Foundation (LINK)to help raise money for colon cancer awareness and research. “Susie’s Cause” was founded as a way to help stop this disease from affecting more families. As the second leading cause of cancer death, colon cancer incidents can be drastically reduced through early detection screenings. It is our mission to further Susie’s Cause.
Over the months of training, we have been documenting our experience through various social media outlets. The most in-depth source can be found at our blog,, where we have posted pictures and videos of the training events. This outlet has allowed us to continue our networking base through which we can get the colon cancer screening message out. This site can be used by all to monitor our progress during our training as well as during the race.
We are asking our friends and family to help us raise money through the Susan Cohan Kasdas Colon Cancer Foundation in memory of our beloved mother Kathy. This can be accomplished simply by clicking the link (if you are reading this on the internet) and providing your information on their secured donation page. Please use the “In Memory” function so that we can track the total amount raised for this event.
It is through this challenging event that we pay tribute to our late mother and help educate others in the fight against this preventable yet deadly disease. A donation towards prevention education is an investment in helping to save a loved one or yourself. While those of us who knew Kathy have already suffered and continue to suffer her loss, being able to save others from this hardship is absolutely worth the blisters and sore muscles we will endure in our epic adventure. So, as we paddle along this race and through our daily lives, we will always remember how lucky we were to have had a mother like Kathy and how fortunate we are to have such overwhelmingly supportive friends and family. Sincerely,
3 Dudes: Jeff, Kevin and David Moore

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Sunset Race #30

The 3 Dudes have been wanting to get in on the regular Sunset Race venue for some time but our schedules have never aligned to do so...until last week. Dave and I (technically 2 Dudes) were able to get some time to make the run from Sherman Beach to Greentree Park along with 4 other boats. The ten mile run on a stagnant Meramec forced us to pull ourselves every inch while being inundated by jet skis, ski boats, and the occasional flat bottomed fishing vessel. The resulting 2:36 minute video was made from a Go Pro mounted to the bow using a broken Gossamer Gear trekking pole and a fancy wooden mount. Photos were taken every 2 seconds for the entirey of the

Friday, May 20, 2011

Catching Up

The 3 Dudes have been hard at work for months now preparing the new Spencer C3 for the 2011 MR 340. Since she has become seaworthy again we have raced in the Meramec River Marathon and most recently, the Gas 60. Both races were to be used as training with a more race oriented hull and to become familiar with how she moves. Here are two short videos Dave created to showcase these fine races. jm

The 1st Annual Meramec River Marathon

The 2011 Gas 60